Our Doctor
Sam Peng, MD

Board Certified in Family Medicine and Geriatrics. 38 yrs of valuable experience.

Welcome to Kennestone Family Medicine: 
SICK VISITS: same day apt
WELL VISITS: Work/school/travel physicals
Management: Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid disease, Anxiety, Depression, Obesity
MINOR OFFICE SURGERY: Suturing, lumps and bumps, skin tag removal, joint injections, trigger point injections, Gynecology procedures.
OTHER: STD Screening, Surgical clearance, Anti-Aging/Healthy living consults. 

May 2,  2018

Welcome to Kennestone Family Medicine. We just launched our website today and are very excited to do so. We are still working on it this week to fit the needs of all out patients and to optimize the details. We will attempt to make it a good resource for our patients so that we can improve the health of the community, one person at a time. 


Health News for today: The CDC warned us about the multi-state outbreak of E. coli O157:H7​ infection linked to Romaine Lettuce. Today there was news about one death in California and three more states have reported ill people, KY, MA and UT. ADVICE for YOU: DO NOT EAT OR BUY ROMAINE LETTUCE JUST AS YET, unless you can confirm that its not from the Yuma, Arizona growing region. 


Fitness and Healthy eating:

I have been a big fan of the myfitnesspal app. It really helps guide us to getting accountable for what we eat and how much we exercise. I have been recommending all our patients to download this app on their phones and remember to log in everything DAILY. In a week or so, it saves all the routine information and its then much easier to enter the information. Please install the app and then USE IT REGULARLY!!! Wish you all great health!!!


Preventive health care: 


Make sure that you have had your annual physicals people! There is so much you can catch and address before it becomes a big problem, THE USPSTF has guidelines for each age and I recommend that you go online and read it yourself as to whats recommended for you. Please follow up with your physician and get your preventive care/annual physical.